The hotel

Blue Bay Hotel is situated in the northern part of the most famous summer resort in Bulgaria - Sunny Beach and extends to the beach itself next to Helena Resort.

The hotel is 30 km from Bourgas International Airport and 110 km from Varna International Airport.

Here you can relax in the perfect combination of sea breeze and fresh mountain air. With our stay you can indulge in a relaxed and relaxing holiday, as well as the numerous day and night entertainment offered in Sunny Beach.

Blue Bay Hotel offers a lobby with a reception desk, a lobby bar, a restaurant with indoor and outdoor tables where you will enjoy the wide variety of delicious dishes. There is a swimming pool with a children's section and a bar near it where you can cool off with your favorite drink.

Highly qualified, multilingual and polite staff will ensure your constant comfort.

Hotel Policies & Policy

Accommodation: after 14 hours
Leave: within 12 hours
Cancellation / Reservations: Cancellations as well as the prepayment policies and conditions vary by room type. When booking a room by phone or e-mail, please check the room conditions.
Children's Accommodation: All children are welcome!
Child 0-2 years old. Free use of a baby bed.
First child 2-7 years on extra bed - free of charge.
Second child 2-7 years on extra bed - extra 50% of the price of regular bed.
Children over 7 years on extra bed - extra charge 80% of the price of regular bed.

Animals: Pets are forbidden.